The Crisis Center helps families in North Raleigh!

In 2012, we served almost 5,000 neighbors in crisis and gave out $395,000 worth of food and financial assistance.

We were able to do so because of your continued support!

Join our Food Lion MVP List!

You can support NRM when you buy your groceries at Food Lion! 

Just add NRM as your support organization when you sign into your MVP card.  

The NRM code is 252497.  Or you can search for us under North Raleigh Ministries. 

Food Assistance from the Client's Choice Market

The Client's Choice Market was the first client-choice food pantry in Wake County. 

It provides food assistance to neighbors in need through a format that lets neighbors in crisis pick the food their families will eat instead having to accept whatever is given to them. This is designed to help maintains a neighbor's dignity through the provision of food.  

The Market is also able to provide fresh food to neighbors thanks to our community garden and donations! 

BackPack Buddies

NRM supports five schools and 100 children each week through the BackPack Buddies program.