May 2013 Newsletter

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Spring has sprung and NRM is preparing its first planting for the community garden. Located directly in front of our Crisis Center, we will soon be planting fruits and vegetables for a summer crop. If you have a green thumb, or know someone who does, contact

NRM is excited for our 5th Jobs for Life class, beginning Thursday, May 30th. JFL is a Biblically based program that uses the stories of biblical characters to teach life skills and how to deal with the “roadblocks” we all face in life which may hinder us from reaching our goals. It consists of 16 classes meeting every Monday and Thursday for 8 weeks. We are currently accepting applications for students, champions, and other class leaders. Contact for more information.

A single father with two kids was late on his rent after being laid off from his full time job. Unemployment and income from a commission only job was not enough for the family to survive. With few resources, this family was facing eviction with nowhere to turn. Thankfully, NRM was able to help with the remaining balance of the rent in time to keep this family in their home.

Have you heard about our Treasure Hunt room? It’s open in our Thrift Shoppe every Wednesday from 11:00am-2:00pm, everything is $1.00!

North Raleigh Ministries provides neighbors in crisis with food and financial aid in a Christian environment.