Thrift Shoppe Daily Specials

Week of 2/12/18

PURPLE tagged items are 50% off until Friday and then $1 on Saturday

NRM Monday Specials
BOGO FREE: Kitchen Utensils
50% OFF: Vases

NRM Tuesday Specials
BOGO FREE: Children's Clothing
50% OFF: Children's Shoes

NRM Wednesday Specials
BOGO FREE: Napkins & Place Mats
50% OFF: Table Cloths

NRM Thursday Specials
BOGO FREE: Table Top Frames
50% OFF: Wall Frames
Furniture 1@25% or BOGO

NRM Friday Specials
BOGO FREE: Bath Accessories
50% OFF: Sports Equipment

NRM Saturday Specials
BOGO FREE: Short Sleeve Shirts
50% OFF: Suits

North Raleigh Ministries Thrift Shoppe

The North Raleigh Ministries Thrift Shoppe is the primary funding source for the NRM Crisis Center and provides furniture, clothing, and housewares for eligible clients. The Thrift Shoppe has many volunteer opportunities for individuals, civic and school organizations, churches, and businesses.

The Thrift Shoppe is open to the public and sells high quality merchandise at modest prices. Our inventory changes every day. Be sure to visit regularly to make sure that you don't miss anything.  Your donations are greatly appreciated!

Items Not Accepted for Donation

Thank you considering North Raleigh Ministries for your donation! We are not able to sell the following items in our Thrift Shoppe and have to pay to remove them, ultimately taking away from our mission to help neighbors in crisis.

  • Cribs & Car Seats
  • Pianos & Organs
  • Mattresses & Box Springs
  • Computer Monitors & Televisions– flat screens accepted
  • Major Appliances- Mini fridges accepted
  • Treadmills & Universal Gyms– free weights accepted
  • Hazardous Materials– cleaning supplies, paint, herbicides, pesticides & chemicals
  • Furniture with torn upholstery, covered in animal hair, odors, or damaged frames
  • Magazines
  • Tires