NRM Stories

Meet Sean

Sean, a 28-year-old single father, came to the North Raleigh Ministries Crisis Center recently seeking financial and food assistance. His circumstances were heartbreaking. The children’s mother had abandoned them, and Sean was struggling to raise his two children on his own.

He was working part time at a local retail chain and was challenged to find full time employment as a single parent. His mother was helping by taking care of the children when he could work, but they just weren’t able to make ends meet. They knew they would be facing eviction if they didn’t get help.

After assessing Sean’s situation, the Crisis Center determined they could provide him with both rental and food assistance. It was welcomed relief for the entire family. Sean will likely face challenges on the path ahead of him, but we know his family will have shelter and food this month, making those challenges much easier to overcome.

Relief from Crisis

Early this year, the NRM Crisis Center met with a client, Michelle, who was in dire need of emergency assistance. Her circumstances seemed overwhelming as she had suffered a stroke and was facing eviction from her apartment. The stroke came as a huge surprise; she was just in her 40’s and in great health. As a single woman with no living relatives, she had a limited support network to help her while she recovered.

Michelle was anxiously waiting for her doctor to sign off on her work release, so she could return to work. She depended on her job as a manicurist for income but had trouble holding her hands still after the trauma of the stroke. Medical bills were piling up and she didn’t know where to turn. Thankfully Wake County Health and Human Services encouraged her to seek our help. We were blessed to help pay her rent, so she could avoid eviction and stay in her home. Additionally, through our Client Choice Market, we provided her much needed food to help her along in her recovery.

NRM is grateful for the donors and volunteers who dedicate their resources to serve those in our community who are vulnerable and in crisis!