Rental Assistance

A surprising number of people in the communities we serve struggle to pay their rent and unfortunately end up with late notices, eviction notices, or may even be forced to leave their homes. NRM offers rental assistance to these North Raleigh residents who are in financial crisis. Funds that are donated to our organization go towards helping our neighbors pay their rent and remain in their homes for a reasonable amount of time. Click here to learn how you can help others with rental assistance.

Food Assistance

Hunger is a massive and real cause that NRM aims to support. Our North Raleigh neighbors who are at risk of or suffering from hunger are provided with access to our Client Choice Market, giving them the freedom to choose the groceries that they need and/or prefer. Donated goods received from our community members provide the backbone of food and household items available in the market. Click here to learn how to help others with food assistance.


BackPack Buddies

50,866 students in Wake County public schools are enrolled in the free and reduced lunch program. This is just under one third of the total student population. These students are at risk of hunger and benefit from the weekend feeding program known as BackPack Buddies. North Raleigh Ministries is proud to provide 150 meals every week but many more are needed. Click here to learn how you can help with BackPack Buddies.

Utilities Assistance

North Raleigh residents experiencing financial crisis often find themselves behind on imperative living expenses such as utility bills. An inability to pay for these bills can lead to unimaginable living circumstances that may include no electricity, no heat, no air conditioning, or even eviction. NRM offers utility assistance to those in the community who have late notices. Funds donated to our organization go towards helping our neighbors pay their utilities and remain in a livable home. Click here to learn more about how you can help others with utility assistance.